Wednesday, April 4, 2012

charlie (soft pastel on inkjet paper on illustration board)

The black hockey player

I squeeze the crest onto my face

And brush away the darkness

the women in the room

Rubbing the vagisil into the folds of my pussy

The steam coming off my hard hairy hands

the room above my room

I'm a severely retarded American Mormon

I transcribe the names of the dead in a bunker in Burbank

the room of forever

The morning newscasters speaking in other words

The inside of my heart bending into a brick

the forever of my morning

An attractive blonde scientist mixes up the medicine in a commercial

Cut to a cute dog in a field

the morning of scientific women

The Japanese couple is married on the worlds largest roller coaster

A small boy dies of cancer, his father asleep on a chair

the science of mourning

The skydiver's parachute is failing as he falls

Through the most beautiful sky he'll ever see

we are all falling from the sky

I don't want you to love me but

I have a terrible feeling I've always known