Thursday, April 28, 2011

sketch (ball point pen and watercolor in notebook)


slicked slickly through the slick sick sickness
your mom ate me when i was five

slightly edgy from the edgy edginess edging on
in a stew she served me to her friends

edging softly through the soft softness softer than
a bargain price corruption. the colossal turbulence

the training shoes hidden under her bed for years
holding my hair, jesus knew, but never told a soul

you were hurting me before (front and back: acrylic paint and ink on particle board and oak)


We had come to the end of my legs 
Any further and you'd have been  
at the foot of the bed where the blood  
was that had fallen from the hammer  

that was swinging from the end of my  
arm or hand as it were. I call it my five  
legged mini me. No head or eyes or brain  
to dream with or figure out how to get to  

Connecticut without leaving a paper trail  
or use a credit card, because the  
police would spot that for sure.  
Just a palm and five feetless fingers 

the recliner (ink pen and watercolor on watercolor paper)


what you do is 
shit into a condom 
then, stick it 
in the freezer 

it's called  
space docking 

shitting into the  
condom's the easy part 
the tongue lashing's 

Monday, April 25, 2011

untitled (graphite on illustration board mounted on plywood)

Rereleasing the kraken

The words crammed 
into his ear
Through his eyes
And throat

he settled out 
in a rusty boat

a gull's bark

Out of the corner
of my "I love you"
The sky bending
Its grey ear to heaven

I rereleased the kraken
on day seven

a terrible roar

Her memory
A poison snake
Inside the baby's

There are ways out
But not many

a falling comma

i am sad and wish you were here (graphite and watercolor on handmade watercolor paper)


i sit at the dark table
your wine and
at your stupid

Saturday, April 23, 2011

dick tree (ceramcoat on canvas)

the filling station

a finger folds out into a finger

feng shui-ing out into outer hand

this finger is filled with jesus power

and resurects an empty from the

trash bin at 45th and 8th ave

all of heaven rejoices as the lord

skinny dipping in a cauldron of light

prepares for the feast of ascension

diane keaton is eating a cantalope

riding the orange giraffe of cancer

it'll all be healthy foods from here on in

elvis was a hero to most but not

to chuck d. chuck told him and john wayne

to go fuck themselves. terminator x

and flava flav acting as witnesses

the blustery boobs of jackie bissett falling

and then failing badly in a midlife turn of events

the cat man of KISS battling breast cancer

god fires his love cannon at your boobs

it's loaded with love balls. they will kill you

he is shooting you now. it takes a while

for them to arrive from heaven

Thursday, April 21, 2011

dogwalker (watercolor and acrylic ink on watercolor paper)

interesting possibilities

discomfort is the close companion of the poet

misery, the cup from whence the thirsty poet drinks

despair, the grooming product of choice for the bard

hunger, the horse upon which it rides into battle

alienation, an expensive pair of jeans the poet

will take to an informal gathering of other poets

social ineptitude is the steak and eggs of the breakfast poet

a clean washcloth comes in handy after anal intercourse

the bricks of dublin are old and beautiful

the leprechaun is an uncanny catcher of fish

you don't want to be a big fish with a leprechaun nearby

i've told you time and time again, i can't pay you back

now quit bothering me….please


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the puker (ink and watercolor on watercolor paper)

lazy beam

all the lights went out
you couldn't see anything
inside your house
i became milk

you poured me into
the ruin of your bed
taking my head off your neck
gluing diamonds everywhere

you left me by the shore
with my pants on and
your high heeled shoes
and parliaments

i can't seem to find
anything to worry about
you said as you drove
away in your beautiful car

Monday, April 4, 2011

freud (watercolor and acrylic ink on watercolor paper)

let's not go there tonight

i'd been a book dealer
in milwaukee for a few
years at that point
drinking heavily

in the darkness
so you can see the face
of it coming into the

building the thing
one stone at a time
up and into the sky
with it's dreamy blindings

in the darkness
so you can see the face
of it coming into the

the thought of you
with your head filled up
with brown borrowed

in the darkness
so you can see the face
of it coming into the

my neck covered in
large boils bleeding
into the priests long
dark woolen robe

in the darkness
so you can see the face
of it coming into the

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