Sunday, December 18, 2011

the things IV (water mixable oil and acrylic on canvas)

everything that is 
singing is singing

i've growed an arm
it's hairy and comes 
out of me at an angle
that's odd at first but 
then seems to make 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4 skulls (acrylic paint on 4 wood boards)

winter has only begun

and already i look

forward to the spring

the beat is so heavy

my bones are breaking

it is heavier than heaven

still i refuse to dance

the band is onstage playing

but i am in my bed

waiting for death to find me

alone and unharmed

our love is so new

yet i stand underneath

the onion trees singing

sad songs about the sea

your kisses swim along

the shore of my mouth

and already I'm looking off

into the deep blue

the back of my face

is filled with words

each sentence a two by four

i'm building a fortress (not a home)

i have been doing the math

and i have a terrible feeling

nothing is adding up as

nicely as i'd hoped it would

winter has only begun

and already i look

forward to the spring

Sunday, December 4, 2011

the things II (acrylic on board)

Planet of death

in a place beyond 
the end of the world
under the black 
ceiling of the hotel

i fell through my life
listening to the
air conditioner
(the slow motion of it)

an aloe ocean 
the lion sinking it's teeth
into the young gazelle
the smell of the sea

later at the pizza-rama
my dreams unrecognizable
i clawed my way through the
hearts like lawn chairs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

skull (water miscible oil on wood panel)

what would happen

if i became fish

in your eyes

would i swim in the sea?

if i became ghost

in your arms

would i always be alone?

if i become steam in your kiss

would i become a rumor of bliss

forever dreaming?

if i became cloud in your mouth

out in the blue

hanging over you

while you were sleeping

and i was sleeping too


the way dreamers do

would i be shipwrecked

and broken

and even early on

would i be able to tell

how it would end?

Friday, November 11, 2011

thriller (acrylic on wood and christmas tree lights)


Michael Jackson

Laying the brown gun

On the pillow

Next to the young

Cancer survivor

The tiger


In his back yard

Made me uneasy

Imagining what

Was going on in

Never land

Now that he's in ever ever land

With its blank walls

And inverted streets

Jesus jamming its fist

Into your heart

The whole

Room filled with

The fury of god

I can relax

And enjoy the sweet jams

I wanna rock wit you

All night

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the things (acrylic and graphite on wood board)


in the building where they were
filming the luxury car commercial


inside the spokes
of your goodbye


under the words expressing
exactly this feeling of helpless despair


when i looked between her
thighs and saw she weren't no lady


out beyond what was left
of downtown detroit


when you told me what
happened on your trip to spain


when i found someone
else's toothbrush in your apartment


when i asked for an explanation
and knew before you even said a word

it was adolf hitler

even though at one point in our conversation
you had reffered to it as hope

it was only adolf hitler

as the sun was clearing the grey
outline of downtown brooklyn

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the wrestlers smokes a stogie (graphite on watercolor paper)

el hombre del sombrero

a man wearing a hat walks by
drowning inside himself
the sea filled with monsters

a man walks by carrying the sun as it explodes
everything in the universe
once fit inside god's hat

a man walks by a bird encircling a tree
michael jackson sequined
fingering the brim of his black hat

a man walks by the end of the earth
he calls later and tells me he
saw this poem wearing his hat

Sunday, August 7, 2011

the catholic girl (rapidograph on illustration board)

100 colones

tecate and dope
and hepatitis B
far from the water
and close to the sea

needles in the pie
babies in the bowl
where we once was
we wasn't no mo'

a little round neck
covered in skin
and spiderlegs
a real mexican

close to the ground
and far from the truth
with her legs in the air
like a telephone booth

Monday, August 1, 2011

oral rob I (record covers, foam board, acrylic paint and glue on wood)

Lake Placid

Though we are lost and without hope
i fall asleep almost instantly

when I wake from this dream I will destroy everything
There at the edge of the world
The German rappers won't stop rapping

when I wake from this dream I will destroy everything
Setting the baby back on the stove
The high divers vomit into the sink

when I wake from this dream I will destroy everything

Sunday, July 17, 2011

oral rob III (record covers, foam board, glue, acrylic paint on plywood)

pete townsend*

when you kill it
the song's egg hatches
in their hearts


when you kill it
the wolf passes you by
on the dark road


when you kill it
jesus picks you up and takes you out
for a romantic dinner


when you kill it
amy grant drops the charges
and you're free to go


*something bad will happen soon

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

tennessee ernie ford (mixed media collage on wood board)

where i live now

the end came
(not unexpectedly)
we'd seen it coming for years
the dark circles under her eyes
her insistence on drinking only
wine coolers

the pig veins
folding out of her eyes
babies falling down the well
of her head
bruising the gasoline into her

i lived in the fanciest
part of town then
glass airplanes would fly so low
you could see everything
the endless 

glass apes 
would feed on her brokenness
their crystal skin
revealing monkey bones
covered in candles
like diamond stores

your plans of leaving 
without me never materialized
these lost things
idle threats
i was trapped in the car
with everyone

the drive 
to restoration hardware
seemed endless
we made so much money 
that year
we all bought slaves

why in gods name 
is this still 
to me
please. for god's sake
make it stop

Friday, July 1, 2011

superhero (rapidograph on illustration board)

reasons for rules

1. your mom won't die when you're thirteen

2. the sky will fill with blue feathers. they will fall on your shoulders and lift you into heaven where bruce lee will speak perfect english, because it'll be thought language and you will never have to shit your pants again.

3. your white jeans (you bleached them white and now they are without hope) won't rip away at the party so that you have to walk around all night explaining what happened getting drunker and drunker and finally going home with the black girl and fucking her in your roommates bed while he's at the bar and then having him check you up against the wall the next day, screaming into your face, "did you fuck ____ in my bed?" and you lying, saying, "no, we just made out"

4. because moths, sans self-love, seek the light outside themselves and are consumed by it

5. the dead body behind your mouth will suddenly come back to life.

6. you won't remember a thing, but the little that you do remember will be awful

7. the house will finally get repainted

8.. your fingernails on the bathroom floor will be covered in blood, but at least it will be someone else's

9. the small wax statue of the bhuda will fly past your head and through the yellow light of the alley behind the baxter building

10. you won't be there lying in the bushes. the sound of ten feet running by and then stopping in the middle of the street. you won't be lying in the grass, trying not to breathe. your friend there in the darkness with you. you won't hear someone ask, "where did those motherfuckers go", or the sound of their sneakered feet dying off in the distance while you lay there for at least 20 minutes not moving and not saying a word and finally creeping back to your friends house praying to god you don't run into those sociopaths again that night but then seeing them at school and nobody saying a word and acting like the whole thing never happened.

11. your wife won't gamble away your nest egg and then refinance the house one week when you're away and then also lose that money over the course of two months. falling down into the darkness. crying and asking for your forgiveness as you realize everything is gone and there's no way you're going to get it back and you walk out and feel as free as you've felt in years.

12. the earth won't be destroyed by a meteor

13. the earth will be destroyed by a meteor but only after you escape in a gigantic space ship that is way nicer than the earth, but even lonelier

14. then everyone, lacking faith, will be banished to hell to be consumed by fire and suffer for all eternity, because in the few milliseconds that they were alive, here, without a clue, without hope, they didn't quite get it right. and it makes perfect sense that god is a judgmental psychopath with balls that smells like the ocean and tits bigger than ferris wheels

15. then the oil and fat will fall through you and out and into the bowl and float on the water like a dream. an orange dream. the orange dream of being skinny again.

16. then everything will be OK

Monday, June 20, 2011

the candidate (mixed media, ink pen and watercolor on watercolor paper)

falling towards the farthest star

something happened
while the birds were away
some dreamers woke up
and said

come with us
and we'll show you
how the sun


large squares
appeared in the sky
allowing angels
to fall into the 
oncoming traffic


running the blade
across the floor 
of the tall building with
the lights turned off (or shot out)

i wore the glenn campbell mask 
and there alone on the earth
began to look into the black
face of the universe

Sunday, June 12, 2011

likelihood (collage, inkpen and watercolor on illustration board)

i have many penis

and the worst news is

they will enter your mouth
like a carnival in tennessee
at night while you are sleeping
you wake up and your kids are gone
they've drowned in the swimming pool
no, they're just out playing in the street
naked and unwatchable

and the good news is

they will show up in your ass
like a lunar eclipse after the rain
everyone in the neighborhood watching
so many fingers in the frosting
a wet flag on an electric fence
setting up an urban neighborhood
later the gentrification process so complete
a midnight stroll isn't out of the question
a store that sells eco-friendly lightbulbs

and the best news of all is

they will knock on the door 
of your pussy full of promise
a new president wearing the world
the legs of an eastern ballerina
covered in question marks demanding answers
a crown of soft wet diamonds proclaiming
there are no niggers in denmark
the adult daughter climbing a red 
mountain of desire, determined, 
dusty and finally awake

Monday, May 30, 2011

the frontrunner (photo collage with inkpen on watercolor paper)

my friend's funeral

all the bees are
flying due north
out of your body into
the yellow black smoke

into the sun burning the world

oily and alive
full of hot dry gold
as hard as eskimo
a child's smile

the world's darkest skin

you were left in the forest
alone inside the blanket
an ink bath beside
a black gorilla

and then you were

falling from the earth
into  the world of vinyl
the philadelphia experience
seven feet below you

the brown building

your left uppercut
opened up on the table
where the blood was
beside the wolf head

i need a miracle

8 weeks of a slow 
steady blunt hammer
coming down from
god to take you home

the coffin door opens

the tv's grey hum
the teeth of victory
scattered at the feet
of the couch by the bong

the maybeline manora

feet barely touching
the ground above
the field where the crowd
watches wide eyed

kevin costner's hair

the sky opening up
it's arms and picking you
off the earth jumping into 
heaven to lick its face

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the hanger (inkpen and watercolor on watercolor block)
the gift horse

it arrived under the curtain
aside the crouton table
inside the old cottage
that i had forgotten about

and you couldn't find your
hands with a knife
on top of the building
there was blood everywhere

a wild leopard print 
covered most of iowa
universities snatching
kids from school buses

i was knitting a sweater
of soft horse hair
alone in the black barn
stroking back the flies

into the mouth of
old saint nick asleep
at the kitchen table
a thin trail of urine

running out 
from under him
inside his icy BBQ
dream house

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