Monday, October 21, 2013

The New Moon (acrylite, glue, paper and  inkjet ink)

The War Years


Chiến tranh Việt Nam

sometimes you have to write
all the good stuff when you're young
because part of you knows
you won't be around to do it later on

that's one reason 
i've held back for so long
i don't want to go anywhere
new right now


the american war

Life begins to happen 
around 40,
for instance

the presidential race
lasted most of the weekend
and the winners and I

celebrated our
victory aboard the
USS enterprise

the whole crew was in attendance
lt. uhura handing out the "punch cards"
unable to approach her i left before the police showed up

captain kirk
struggling with

in sick bay
his daughter elezra
by his side

the ship speeding
through endless space 

inside the paramount pictures movie building 
the useless lights of the ship's control system
blurred and blinking in the background