Tuesday, June 25, 2013

i think i finally found something (watercolor and colored pencil on wood)


falling into a deep love
for no real good reason
outside of your car in the rain
familiar faces in the crowd
wherever you might be...
they are

inside a cloud in a building
under the black earth in a train
on the ocean drinking and smiling
opening up a convenience store
putting on socks in the morning
like a ghost

living alone 
in a garden
with the lord
asleep or working 
on a trailer for a movie
hoping for a miracle

reading books
someone else wrote
paraphrasing they're
favorite passages
writing poems
like this

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Have Seen Through Your Lies (acrylic, paper collage on wood panel)

the dead monkeys
(none of the unseen)

they were everywhere
one by the front door
another in the refrigerator
another wearing a crown 
stuffed into one of the bookcases

the car was full of them
and had been for at least a week
you couldn't open the door
i had the car removed 
from the grounds

the police showed up asking a bunch of questions:
"do you know anything about the dead monkeys ?"
"where is the toilet ?"
"do you know that there is a dead monkey 
in your toilet ?"

i told them i suspected
it was probably my old GF
her or her new BF probably
had something to do with it
but i wasn't sure and had no proof

it was truly terrible and now
i can't stop eating and eating and eating
last night i ate a whole cake
that i made from scratch
while watching 'wrath of khan'
on netflix