Monday, September 20, 2010

privacy please (watercolor, gel pen, graphite on watercolor paper)

sky feet

and then suddenly
all the birds were back
flying through the water
their hearts covered in gold
pouring out song after song
until everything
was covered
in bird noise

my drink woodenly
in my hands in the black
of the club someone's daughter
tells me about a house she's sold
this night is lasting so long
until everything
is covered
in bird noise

death is heavenly
it's where jesus smokes crack
drying off the bloody led to slaughter
where you are always loved never told
what to do and nothing's wrong
and where everyone
is super hot
and beautiful

Sunday, September 12, 2010

dogboy (watercolor, graphite, ball point pen on watercolor paper)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hamlet (watercolor, graphite and ball point pen on watercolor paper)

strap on the underwater gear

ted gets punched hard in the face
late that night is drenched in black sweat
bleeding he pours through his telephone directory
it's louder than the trajectory of death

her name is there in brilliant marble
armless he calls her number. hawks poked out his
arms they travel through time now in packs
their shawls are made of wax i've heard

you know they were there because you were born
forlorn in the eighties everyone on this dude
ranch was made from denim the often
softest shades of blue

his hope fell through the face of the earth
birthed into the bottom of the world. this
an abundance of bricks
is what gravity predicts

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

facing the pooper (watercolor and graphite on watercolor paper)

disturbing the dust

she rolls back on her head
the cactus cutting her soft hands
the blood pours out into the mouth
of the river, full of fish

at the bottom among
the bones of the dead animals
in between the moss covered
rocks she fills her hot mouth
full of river water

she is sick of everything
he is calling her from glasgow
on his cell phone. his name is
lit up in silver in her pocket

she feels like she is going crazy
she wishes that this could be
the last show of the earth
before forever arrives

tonight beams are blinding her
she feels nothing but knows
he is out there somewhere
the super trouper.

shinin' like the sun
smilin', havin' fun feeling
like a number one