Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

something is burning

kick the ball there
in the hole
where you were

in the field
run run run
little kid

the rabbit is died
in the back yard
the dog chewing its black head

its stomach a red balloon
and we are all
dying too

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ALI  (paper mache and inkjet paper on wood and newspaper)

heaven's pretty cool

all the buildings in heaven have white windows
mondays are wash days and the whole place smells like bleach
jesus considers himself a bit of a songwriter
and no one has the heart to tell him he's just not very good
it's all that awful knowledge and all-knowingness
it really gets in the way of writing a good pop song

oh, you can have baby's in heaven of course (it's heaven!)
and they just appear out of thin air
there is a lot of friction between the people that were born on earth
and the ones that were born and grew up in heaven, though
there's been some discussion about whether or not jesus was an earth baby
because he was conceived in heaven but raised by that crazy lady on earth
(it's weird that she never made it into heaven)
here's how cool heaven is: we don't even think about all
the people that are suffering for all eternity just a few floors down from us
that's pretty neat!

jesus wrote a song once called, 'heaven helps itself to the earth baby's first'
i really tried to like it