Wednesday, December 12, 2012

vengeance (wood board, acrylic, collage, glue and wooden pick up sticks)

When I am called

we are running 
across los angeles
as fast as we can

hiding under doors
you sing a song you
learned as a child

the song of the aphid
a beetle crawls
into your ear

now we are on a lake
in orange county 
drinking milk

the water is covered with flowers
they are as red as the sun
you can see for more than a mile

your eyes glow in the grey
like the LAPD
your teeth are made of fire

Monday, November 5, 2012

the lone ranger (wood box, plastic, silver string, paper and polyester resin)

church clothes

up in the air
with the flies

the world is
as small

as the lies you
told me about

where you were
all day

Monday, October 15, 2012

konstantin feoktistov 4 (wood, inkjet paper, shellac, acrylic and asphalt)


superman lives in a dark cave
superman eats vegetables and other things
superman likes dogs
he has a superdog

superman goes to bed at midnight
superman's favorite tv show is superman
superman's favorite song is the superman theme song
john motherfucking williams wrote it, you bitches!

superman's eyes are bright and blue
superman's breath smells like vegetables
superman's hands are soft as milk and hard as goodbyes
whenever he punches someone it goes right through them

superman watches tv while he eats vegetables and chews on his shoes
superman dreams he can do anything in the world (because he can)
superman has a dream where he comes over to your house and says,
'i want to get my things' and you say "but none of this is yours anymore!"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

konstantin feoktistov: golden shower  (inkjet paper, construction paper, acrylic paint and wood)

dick'll make you slap somebody

woman A: wait a minute
now you telling me a story
and now you telling me that a woman in ecstasy
will slap somebody?

woman B: yes, the penis is a very powerful organ
it'll make you slap somebody
it's like a rocket
it's encoded with information
dick'll make you pull a gun
and shoot a motherfucker in the face

dick'll make you take out a mortgage
on your mind (i never slept)
it'll make you dump out a bowl of cheerios
on a motherfuckers bed…..with milk
dick'll make you knit a pair of gloves
for a motherfucker

woman A: wait a minute
are you telling me that dick'll make a woman
mess up somebody's bed with a milky
bowl of cheerios?

woman B: yes!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

something is burning

kick the ball there
in the hole
where you were

in the field
run run run
little kid

the rabbit is died
in the back yard
the dog chewing its black head

its stomach a red balloon
and we are all
dying too

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ALI  (paper mache and inkjet paper on wood and newspaper)

heaven's pretty cool

all the buildings in heaven have white windows
mondays are wash days and the whole place smells like bleach
jesus considers himself a bit of a songwriter
and no one has the heart to tell him he's just not very good
it's all that awful knowledge and all-knowingness
it really gets in the way of writing a good pop song

oh, you can have baby's in heaven of course (it's heaven!)
and they just appear out of thin air
there is a lot of friction between the people that were born on earth
and the ones that were born and grew up in heaven, though
there's been some discussion about whether or not jesus was an earth baby
because he was conceived in heaven but raised by that crazy lady on earth
(it's weird that she never made it into heaven)
here's how cool heaven is: we don't even think about all
the people that are suffering for all eternity just a few floors down from us
that's pretty neat!

jesus wrote a song once called, 'heaven helps itself to the earth baby's first'
i really tried to like it

Friday, August 31, 2012

halcyon dreamer (rapidograph on illustration board)

watching the fences being disassembled

i need that robot!


because he is my only friend


i can't explain it to you
it won't make sense


you wouldn't understand
the feelings that i have


because they don't make any sense


because i was born underwater
and now i have come ashore


it was too cold there in the darkness
and i wanted to be where it's warm


so it would dry the brackish filth
now deer have joined my company


perhaps they recognize a kindred spirit


i don't know why
it's hard to communicate with these deer
just when you think you've earned their trust
they run off into the deeper part of the wood


maybe they smell something
i really can't be trusted
for too long

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

googley-eyes (india ink and watercolor on illustration board)

an enemy of one 
an enemy of all is

lex luthor
sitting in the cabin
held his ear

he'd been shot
earlier in the day

her words 
kept working their
way into it

words like 'canister'
and 'fingerling'

he didn't want 
those words
in there

bleeding and dying
he'd lose everything

and looked forward
to that time
sort of

Monday, May 28, 2012

bug-eyed (graphite, india ink and watercolor on illustration board)

the reason for gravestones

after a hard long day
death is there waiting

but it's not until you see death
in the driveway that it really hits you

then you just want to be remembered
you want to leave something behind

that will show the people you love
there was someone with your name

that mattered somehow

Monday, May 21, 2012

weather sensor 3012 (graphite and watercolor on illustration board)

no one can stay long

in the black car
filled with black spots

the black bark of the moon
stuck in the sky's black back

the black skin of the night
covered in black blood

your black tongue
soaking in my black face

while the black building

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

and they went to be (mixed media with india ink on illustration board)

eating the monkey's hands

you are
the president of space
hanging on a star
black like me

you move like a sonic ranger
with your mannequin presence
it isn't hard to imagine
the outcome of most situations

we are barely in heaven
but i know what you want
i know what you want
take the ashes off

the polaroid flashes
against your bionic cheeks
your smile on the paper
and the earth underneath

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

charlie (soft pastel on inkjet paper on illustration board)

The black hockey player

I squeeze the crest onto my face

And brush away the darkness

the women in the room

Rubbing the vagisil into the folds of my pussy

The steam coming off my hard hairy hands

the room above my room

I'm a severely retarded American Mormon

I transcribe the names of the dead in a bunker in Burbank

the room of forever

The morning newscasters speaking in other words

The inside of my heart bending into a brick

the forever of my morning

An attractive blonde scientist mixes up the medicine in a commercial

Cut to a cute dog in a field

the morning of scientific women

The Japanese couple is married on the worlds largest roller coaster

A small boy dies of cancer, his father asleep on a chair

the science of mourning

The skydiver's parachute is failing as he falls

Through the most beautiful sky he'll ever see

we are all falling from the sky

I don't want you to love me but

I have a terrible feeling I've always known

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


pablo (soft pastel on inkjet paper on illustration board)

The days are beautiful

I came from outer space
Bringing small cakes
Made from the
Mix of the white dwarf

I came from outer space
With no reason for it
My hand black
And filled with gold

I opened the can filled with soup
With my black hand
I entered the cooking room
Putting the pan on the fire

I got on what was left of my knee
With a ring I made my case
You turned into me your eyes
Folding me into light

A baby was growing in your mouth
It was black and gold like my hands
You opened your head up
I was in the living room

I could hear you dreaming
The days were beautiful
I realized we were dying
And held you as you ate a salad

I hear a dog barking
It is my dog
She is yellow and filled with stars
All the days are beautiful

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the secret eyes of tennessee (mixed media on board)

on a rainy day

somewhere in the future
you'll be doing your drugs
in the parking lot
and you'll hear a voice say
she baked the brownies
with applesauce
she saw the deed
her poms poms piled up on the floor

i take two pills for the pain
one to make the world go way
and one for the moon because
all my friends are dying

Friday, February 24, 2012

broken wings (mixed media)

sitting outside the municipal court

i am dark
like a rose 
in a dark room
a room without light
made darker by 
the sound of breathing
the smell of bodies 
moving about
made of milk by
ten thousand ghosts
singing the songs of neil diamond
the world burning, flying through heaven
it's tail caught in the spokes of time
made cleaner by the wounds of jesus
light shinning through them
fish swimming in their seams
god holding the body of a dead baby
in its golden arms

Friday, January 6, 2012

michael in heaven (acrylic on wood panel and glue)

piss face

i crash the car of my urine
into the yellow head in the bowl
below my cock and liver
and chin and shiver

below my eyes
and the skin 
covering my eyes and 
the part of my brain

where the train sits
with you on it in a movie
about a train and two


who break bricks 
on each
other's faces
building a sea

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