Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the low boil

i've been walking into churches

and kneeling on the kneeling things

and praying to the windows

on the wall there in the stone

praying to be OK with all

the things are not OK at all

that fill me with snakes and make

me mad most of the time when

i think about them. as i put

my pants on and put the wax

in my hair. to make it stick up

and so i will be protected

from the kids in elementary school

and then in junior high school

and then, especially in high school

and even after that at places outside

of my place where i've put

everything in it's place so

that i know where everything

is and can find it whenever i need it

or in case i see the black bird of

death fly across the sky of your face

while you lie to me about paris in glasgow

showing me pictures of rome

bloodied wrestler - (graphite on watercolor paper)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Leather basing

The skin of the moon

Stretched over a gorilla's asshole

A temper tantrum of stars

Fill up the insides of the balls

(Where the light gets into my head)

With pirate honey and then

suddenly there's a 100% chance of

sombrero as slowpoke saunters in

Every person is somebody supposedly

With a full life, but it's so hard to

Believe it, with so many people all in

One place. I understand gods anger hard on

It's good. But is it that good?

C'mon man.

cocks and cocaine (pen and ink on illustration board)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Virginia, stay here with me

And let's build a house

Down on top of the lake

Or up in the onion trees

With a rhinoceros pen

And a basketball court

Let's laugh at the neighbors

They're so unoriginal

Stay here with me

And we'll dream up a plan

Made out of rainbow water

We'll form a new band

You'll play the singer

and I'll play the flute

and we'll dress up like KISS

And wear high heeled boots

And make out with strangers

Running naked through

The lobby of a federal express

Terminal in the Berlin airport

Stay here with me

Down here on the ground

Don't please fade Away

Please don't don't make a sound

With those tubes in your mouth

And the sound of the respirator

Are you asleep?

Please wake up...and

Stay here with me

In this hospital room

Don't leave me here

With these strangers

Their mouths full of

Words I can't understand

Stay here with me

You're my very best friend

in the whole wide world

Let's build a house

With a basketball court

and a rhinoceros pen

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

atama - (copper plate intaglio etching on paper)

all that shit in crazy heart happened to me

(except for losing the kid part…..sort of)

the carnival had left for paris early

its chain gangs singing 'oh sweet morning'

the glass rain covering the black streets

i had cut off both fingers

the blood was not easy at first

it drained into the soup

coloring it a deep blue

it had filled up the room then

suddenly spilling into the courtyard

birds dripping had flown into the moon

becoming stuck and dying there over

the world, with it's reckless lost trajectory

you wore beads of sweat

and nothing more. standing over me

with your mouth and lips

your stroke and distance and

fine jewelry had hung against the wall's furnace

your black hands covering the hot surface

of almost everything your fingers

curving into the air the sound

a jet engine makes breathing in a bird

my tears had dried and crackling

clogged against the gutter of my

eye balls. i reached for the phone

the only time i was ready to be there

for you was the only time

you rejected me. you must have known

that it would work out. but only in that moment,

because now you want me back, in my black jeans

and expensive sunglasses and phone numbers

stuck inside my phone like glass

i showed you the phone and said

yours is the only number that it carries

of course i didn't show you the other shiny one

if only i had a gun that night in cleveland

or when a hole

breaking away from the side of the bus

into the black bra of new york city

holding the tits of that town

silicone milk and high hopes

i'm paying you back what i owed you

one day at a time now