Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HOTP-Martin Buber (paper, glue, string, inkjet ink, sharpee on canvas)

everything’s oklahoma

i laid my head
on the yellow pillow
at the party

with the good weed
and the butthole surfers
manager dude

who had just made the 
freshest blotter and
i took that and

moved into the future
with this new knowledge
that there was more

than one way to experience
everything and nothing 
was really the way 

we think it is

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Super Lone Ranger (wood, glass, acrylic paint, paper, inkjet ink,polyester resin and glitter)

Star smoke

You'll bow down before
God shivering and afraid
And full of shame
And darkness filling
Your heart handcuffed 
To a clown midget
And it will be easy

Ten hours will come and
Go and you'll be unaware
Of it's passing
A thin towel wrapped
Around your legs
Birds living in your beard
Remembering all the
Words of every song
You've ever heard
And it will be easy

You'll smile
And it will be the only
Time you've ever smiled
And your face will
Fall to the floor
With a clang
Waking the stranger
Sleeping beside you
In the car

You'll have a meeting
In a coffee shop in Seattle
Concerning a musical event
That will never take place
The woman you're talking to
Occasionally writing
Down notes with an
Orange crayola marker
All hope lost

You'll grow much older
And die one afternoon
In a hospital bed
In Houston
And your son
With his heart breaking
Will allow the nurse
To discontinue
The life support

And the world
Will spin through
Space forever
With the rest of the universe
And clouds made of
Billions of galaxies
Will gather together
On the edge of infinity

And it will be easy

Monday, October 21, 2013

The New Moon (acrylite, glue, paper and  inkjet ink)

The War Years


Chiến tranh Việt Nam

sometimes you have to write
all the good stuff when you're young
because part of you knows
you won't be around to do it later on

that's one reason 
i've held back for so long
i don't want to go anywhere
new right now


the american war

Life begins to happen 
around 40,
for instance

the presidential race
lasted most of the weekend
and the winners and I

celebrated our
victory aboard the
USS enterprise

the whole crew was in attendance
lt. uhura handing out the "punch cards"
unable to approach her i left before the police showed up

captain kirk
struggling with

in sick bay
his daughter elezra
by his side

the ship speeding
through endless space 

inside the paramount pictures movie building 
the useless lights of the ship's control system
blurred and blinking in the background

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Stranger's Vision of the Brightest Future Ever Known (string, acrylic paint, wood, paper and glue)

light organs

it's best to write your poem
with a grease pencil

stand it up on it's end
and make it walk through

the city naked
drunk on wine

covered in the blood
of other poems

telling stories
to anyone who will listen

in a french accent
wearing the clothes

of a stranger
eluding to other

better times
where things

didn't seem
so hopeless

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

EATER (window glass, wood, acrylic paint, ink jet paper and pour on)


her lover had died
she was all alone
at hotel seiyo ginza
in tokyo

the required effort 
is nothing to the Lord
(she thought) He can see 
into the heart

her father was dark skinned
because he was tatar,
when she gave birth to her first son
the moon belonged to china

she became the world's most influential active athlete
not just a pitchman, but a businessman
especially in the booming asian market, 
signing deals to pitch dunkin' donuts

she would eat dog food
urintating on her trainer
over bowls of mist covered

Friday, July 5, 2013


HAWA II (window, acrylic paint, paper, mod podge and pour on)

get hungry

eat the earth inside the mountain
swallow everything in the world

and your whole life will be gone and the moon will still sleep the sky

fill your garden with blue flowers 
while dragons sleep nearby

and your whole life will be gone and the moon will still sleep the sky

and the parachute you're wearing with such confidence
will not save you from tomorrow, tomorrow


your hands are so cold and your mouth is full of breath
and you look so good in that cop uniform tonight

and your whole life will be gone and the moon will still sleep the sky

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

i think i finally found something (watercolor and colored pencil on wood)


falling into a deep love
for no real good reason
outside of your car in the rain
familiar faces in the crowd
wherever you might be...
they are

inside a cloud in a building
under the black earth in a train
on the ocean drinking and smiling
opening up a convenience store
putting on socks in the morning
like a ghost

living alone 
in a garden
with the lord
asleep or working 
on a trailer for a movie
hoping for a miracle

reading books
someone else wrote
paraphrasing they're
favorite passages
writing poems
like this

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Have Seen Through Your Lies (acrylic, paper collage on wood panel)

the dead monkeys
(none of the unseen)

they were everywhere
one by the front door
another in the refrigerator
another wearing a crown 
stuffed into one of the bookcases

the car was full of them
and had been for at least a week
you couldn't open the door
i had the car removed 
from the grounds

the police showed up asking a bunch of questions:
"do you know anything about the dead monkeys ?"
"where is the toilet ?"
"do you know that there is a dead monkey 
in your toilet ?"

i told them i suspected
it was probably my old GF
her or her new BF probably
had something to do with it
but i wasn't sure and had no proof

it was truly terrible and now
i can't stop eating and eating and eating
last night i ate a whole cake
that i made from scratch
while watching 'wrath of khan'
on netflix

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the politicians (charcoal pencil on illustration board)

the metaphorical sweats

i was invited by the m_______
to their party at the riveria pool mansion
they lived inside for most of the year

the dolphins there, were incredible
and would swim up into the house
late at night while the guards slept

we never worried about the
war ending or all the people that were
dying all around us either

sometimes we would eat fresh bananas
and oranges from brazil or other far off countries
in the middle of winter

we froze a lot of stuff at first
but later once we realized that all the fresh stuff
would never stop we just threw it away

i bought a table made out of weed
one time. we smoked it for most of the summer
me and three friends of mine who are all dead now

we had a party at becky's one thursday
she was so pretty bacthen
the birds would land on her arms. 

kissing the rows of scars on her
legs. the needles leaving long red streaks 
on her skin

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Atomic Lobster Barn Art Show Preview

i can see forever forever (collage, acrylic and wood)

I guess I agree that maybe God shouldn't destroy everyone and everything before too long (paper and wood)

JFK (string, acrylic resin, paper, wood, silver letter cubes and silicon)

I have become milk that you've poured into the ruin of your bed (paper, letter blocks and acrylic on wood)

I have been walking into churches (paper, oil, acrylic and letter blocks on wood)

I live on a planet in outer space (paper, acrylic, and costume jewels on wood)

I scratched the surface of your face (paper, acrylic and letter blocks on wood)

I've become uneasy about the situation (paper, asphalt glue and beeswax on wood)

I was joking about everything (asphalt, acrylic and glue on wood)

It's not as easy to see the truth in everything all the time (string, acrylic, paper and glue on wood)

If we cannot share a future together than why are we here (firewood, mannequin, wreath pencils, cup hooks gesso, sand, roofing tar on wood)

Lincoln after his presidency (paper, acrylic on wood)

Rebecca becomes aware of the immensity of the universe (string, paper, acrylic on wood)

Untitled Lincoln (paper mache, wire, paper, glue, acrylic on wood base)
Here's a sampling of some of the works on display this weekend at the Atomic Lobster Barn Gallery Art show. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

i was joking about everything (wood, asphalt, acrylic paint, glue and sand)

fools like me

we invented love
and without mercy
or instruction

half a head
coming out of the water
in the night
in a dream

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