Tuesday, November 22, 2011

skull (water miscible oil on wood panel)

what would happen

if i became fish

in your eyes

would i swim in the sea?

if i became ghost

in your arms

would i always be alone?

if i become steam in your kiss

would i become a rumor of bliss

forever dreaming?

if i became cloud in your mouth

out in the blue

hanging over you

while you were sleeping

and i was sleeping too


the way dreamers do

would i be shipwrecked

and broken

and even early on

would i be able to tell

how it would end?

Friday, November 11, 2011

thriller (acrylic on wood and christmas tree lights)


Michael Jackson

Laying the brown gun

On the pillow

Next to the young

Cancer survivor

The tiger


In his back yard

Made me uneasy

Imagining what

Was going on in

Never land

Now that he's in ever ever land

With its blank walls

And inverted streets

Jesus jamming its fist

Into your heart

The whole

Room filled with

The fury of god

I can relax

And enjoy the sweet jams

I wanna rock wit you

All night