Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

things to do:

1. start a plastics company in brazil

2. find a spot nearby and lay in the sun for a while

3. talk to a scientist about snow and other weather phenomena

4. develop a canadian christmas band

5. eat the fruit of the mango or pineapple while sitting across tables from men of power and exquisite taste

6. lie in an old grave while shaving

7. pee like the batman

8. grow misty-eyed looking out over the great grey fields of western texas

9. really finally get started on learning how to do a great ‘deaf guy’ impression

10. when swearing the oath, tell nothing but lies lies lies

11. drive around the neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon wondering what these people are like that live in these houses. what are their lives like? what do they do when they’re alone?

12. be young and then grow old

13. warm up the ham that’s in the fridge and serve it to a blind cat

14. buy more gold

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Khrushchev (acrylic, paper, glue, wood on canvas)

oh, the things i would do

i would sing her a lullaby
in the trees at night by my house
the wolves circling hungrily below

i would make her omelets
in the kitchen while she bathed 
in the pool in the back yard

i would call her to madrid
eventually knowing the end
was just around the corner

i would build her a sunday
one saturday afternoon
the cherries covering the floor

i would let her know
what i was feeling
years after she had left

on her answering machine
the drink in my hand
falling into the carpet