Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Act of Always Being Awake (Digital Collage)

Purple Haze

the meat in my head is purple
where once it was orange 
as a kid riding my bike through the city

i don’t see things the way i did back then
when i worked at the spaghetti warehouse
before afghanistan and the world trade center

i’m not sure what my emotional state is
most of the time. if i’m getting better or worse
there is a name for my condition but that doesn’t help much

i bought a gun a few weeks ago and take it out
and look at it sometimes when you’re sleeping
the horses standing just outside the window

the wind blowing the rain across the road
a long slow train leaving the station
tomorrow or just the end of time
Making Sure I Was Alone I Took My Shirt Off 2015 (digital collage)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

gene simmons' air hockey table

i hadn’t seen him in years
and he looked so much older

i asked him how many crayons 
would it take to
color the whole world blue


how many different blues are there
i’d guess maybe fifty, but what do i know
it’s been years since i hung myself in my bedroom
from the doorknob of the closet


i’d want the biggest box they had
fifty blues would be nice 
i could really match the color to each
glorious day

full of sun
my arms lying in the grass
open to new suggestions

my blue skin against
the gray skin of the morning
unbuttoning my shorts

one button at a time so
the whole class could see
and then filling in the blanks

with all the leftover colors