Sunday, February 26, 2012

the secret eyes of tennessee (mixed media on board)

on a rainy day

somewhere in the future
you'll be doing your drugs
in the parking lot
and you'll hear a voice say
she baked the brownies
with applesauce
she saw the deed
her poms poms piled up on the floor

i take two pills for the pain
one to make the world go way
and one for the moon because
all my friends are dying

Friday, February 24, 2012

broken wings (mixed media)

sitting outside the municipal court

i am dark
like a rose 
in a dark room
a room without light
made darker by 
the sound of breathing
the smell of bodies 
moving about
made of milk by
ten thousand ghosts
singing the songs of neil diamond
the world burning, flying through heaven
it's tail caught in the spokes of time
made cleaner by the wounds of jesus
light shinning through them
fish swimming in their seams
god holding the body of a dead baby
in its golden arms