Monday, October 25, 2010

the hulk (watercolor, pencil and ink pen on watercolor paper)


over the graveyard
the witches gather the night
sweeping the air with
their black brooms

under the barnyard
roof the children sleep
heads full of sticky dreams
intolerance and unicorn moons

in a french alleyway
le tomcat sings a song
at the top of its lungs
the thump and boom

of a car stereo
in the streets somewhere
close by sends thistles
up my spine and you

in the cathedral
with the doctor
his stethoscope
examining your spine

when you taste
candy in your mouth
you say his name slowly
not that one, the other one

Friday, October 15, 2010

self portrait (watercolor and graphite on watercolor paper)

a grace of god

the blue trees of little rock
lean up against the even bluer sky

of arkansas

a small bear befriends a girl
she pleads for her life


the bar is closing but i can't
go home yet. i have to see the
inside of her


it folds its images into my eyes
my face leans against the stream
of lights and i'll allow myself to hang there

a gold feather

floats out of my mouth into the blue air (lips like two sardines)
it is filled with smaller more golden feathers
each feather containing even smaller and goldener feather flakes

even the sun is

envious of how yellow and shiny theses
golden shavings appear in the great darkness
that has descended over everything now

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the runner (watercolor, pencil and gel pen on watercolor paper)


the red hair of the sun
has filled up the inside
of the mouth of your face

yesterday, lying
you said you would
leave the ocean to the sea

except the blue part of your head
was filled up with water from your eyes
born again boiling over

you said a thief had stolen my head
and sliding into doubt
i told you i'd stay