Monday, July 28, 2014

3155 (paper, acrylic, glue, ink and wood)

groucho marx

i finally made it back to earth
i’d been sleeping in your hair
my heart filled with roses
my legs folded under the table
scribbling down the loose
thoughts gathered at the corners
of my face

a twig sticking out of my ear
digging deeper i found a nest
and a bowl of sparrow eggs
and a bird the color of butter
eating a loaf of bread
going on and on about 

i couldn’t stop crying
yet i did finally
and proceeded to build
a gigantic fortress out of
old tires and japanese wigs
i’d sleep there in the winter
after you’d moved to chicago


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1644 (paper, ink, acrylic, glue on wood)

forty-niners vs the packers

although it is night
i put my face on my face
and drive into the city

my heart sleeping 
in the little bed
in the little house
god built for it

being driven
into the great darkness
in my beautiful car

fish eating my hands
and arms the blood
making bright blue snakes
in the salty sea water

you said you'd call right back
hut one hut two
forty-two fifty-five hut hut

snapping the ball
into the inside 
of your thighs
the feel of leather

i put the phone
in the bag with the rice

and hoped for the best

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the love of god II (paper, magazines, string, acrylic paint, glue and wood)

the end of an era

we were stranded in cleveland
angie dickinson and me and the spider monkey

we’d huddle together
to stay warm most nights

the rats nibbling on our feet
the fresh venison laid out on the end tables

the flies in slow lazy circles
buzzing through the tent

she’d tell me stories of when she was starting out in the business
how she’d got her big break in ‘police woman’ 

she’d dated charles dierkop for a while
but the relationship ended in his apparent suicide

she’d always end the story with the question
‘who never dies?’ 

gazing out the hotel’s window

chewing on one of the deer legs

Friday, July 4, 2014

boom (paper, glue, wood, dan winters photo and acrylic paint)

tina turner

all the black girls
at my house
were laying on the floor
taking out their underwear
and wrapping it around
the moon

i threw my phone 
into the ocean
and tore my clothes off
catching all the rays
around my

i’ve been
peeing the entire
time i’ve been writing this
into my pants
and all over

the floor