Sunday, January 30, 2011

oh my god (watercolor on watercolor paper)

el tigre

the unbridled fury of revlon
an unlit avalanche of powder
and formal introduction of foundation
filling in the lines and wrinkles
celebrating the smooth skin of 
the bipedal land lioness™ 

the twin berlin walls of mascara
an aubergine sky above the
stone quarry of concealer 
below inside a shadow a
roseberry bush of blush
two brown oily lips

underneath which, fordyce
spots collect the television
light and throw it towards my
face. wet stars clinging to
the photoreceptors of
my inner eye lounge

my head is a blue circle
i drag it up and down
your head. the point i'm 
staring at and suddenly
everything is quite clear
we are completely lost

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the sunbathers (pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper)

getting ready to work out

you are in your car
it is under the lake
at disneyworld and
sadness is filling 
up the black inside
of your whole head

it moves into your eyes
and onto your face
at the bookstore while
looking at a picture of
joan jet looking at you 
open and beautiful and

drunk and not giving a
fuck and ready to love
you maybe if you would
have been really lucky
but not now for sure
for sure not now=cause

that joan jet is dead and 
love is the only thing that 
will save you and not the 
names of parties or the 
mountain of mischief or 
that sweet black hat

not from the inoperable cancer
that is coming or the end of
the blue sky that sits on our 
lives please come here quick
and help me sleep at night
please! before it's too late

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the mourners (watercolor on watercolor paper)

the nagging feeling i'm doing 
something terribly wrong

the little girl drags the dead lion head
down the dirty aisle of the awards show

he eats an orange in front of the tv
the end of the world in the distance

a small but dangerous tiger
not a tiger, i'm sorry, a bald giant

a medieval giant with magnificent legs 
and long fingers, the fingers of sorrow

heats up a bowl of chili. it knows well
of sleepless nights on the mountain

i pleaded with you to stay behind 
with the rest of us, but you left anyway

now i can't stop applying your lipstick or
making change at jamaica for babylon

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the onlookers (watercolor on watercolor paper)

no place for a gringo

the monkey had brought the money
in a yellow box made out of honey
and rainbows were like everywhere
and there was cocaine in the teddy bear

and i could see the future in your pinto
and aunt jemima started to whisper into
my cold night ear the name of jesus
the true name of god: __________

her taloned plastic fingers kept scraping 
pustules from my naked shoulders
as i genuflected into the cauliflower
my grey balls heavy with powder

count chocula wiping the blood off his 
dick screaming something about being
late for an appointment, hanging on
upside down became a bat and flew away

Monday, January 10, 2011

the naked unarmed executioner (ink pen and watercolor on watercolor paper)

time is the only thing
that stands between us now

because you will 
be mine once i part the curtains
abundant and flowing across
the sea of possibility

because you will
i invented a new word
it means nothing hasn't happened
yet that can't be unhappened yet

because you will
an old lonely man sits in
his car outside the HEB in
bee cave. his menacing grey beard

because you will
i'm dreaming in this world
awake and dreaming in this
wonderful world full of possibility

because you will
i used to believe in choice but
now i see there is only one way
everything will go down

Sunday, January 2, 2011

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