Sunday, December 5, 2010

so i'm at this bar and...

the plane landed on
the earth like a door
closing and the room
was black except for

your breath and the
bear kept saying your
name over and over

except that wasn't
your name now
was it and the space
heater was telling

me the most boring
story i've ever heard.
"we see or seem to
see…..blah blah blah"

the words coming from
its mouth like a soft
dry rain falling into my
ear where everything

was alive and dying
for anything interesting
an icy runway where
only you are able to land

Monday, November 22, 2010

adam vs the snake (color pencil, watercolor on watercolor paper on illustration board)

you watched the world grow over me

you watched the world grow over me
a loose tooth
the haitian girl
the two week stint at wendy's
coming home one sunday and
finding you had left
with everything in the house
except my clothes
and a note that said
i had never really loved you
which might have been true
i was relieved that you
were gone,
i had nowhere to sit but
i did have a good story to tell

you watched the world grow over me
standing on the drag
and watching aliens saunter
down the sidewalk
having put the window pane
in my mouth with my finger and
the AIDS test at the clinic
and the two week wait and
the call from the AIDS study group
that turned out to be a wrong number
and the giddy relief on the ride home
three days later

you watched the world grow over me
watching your light in the building
across from mine at night
for at least a year and
imagining your lovers

you watched the world grow over me
waking up outside the 7-eleven
at six in the morning. the sun coming up
on the ground, wet and swollen

you watched the world grow over me
as i watched slowpoke do wheelies
on the front lawn of his girlfriends house
having woken up in her roomates bed
drinking untold cases of milwaukees best
and laughing and peeing and sitting
and being and swimming in the apt pool
across the street and imagining vampires
living next door
and going to los angeles
and not getting killed by the mafia dudes
and ending up in rehab
and losing my best friend for years
and becoming so busy
and buying so many things
and only waking up every once in a while

you watched the world grow over me
driving your car up the embankment
of the highway in front of the police car
while i sat on the beach in mexico
watching strange monkeys dance in
halo of the ocean
believing in myself
and then not believing in myself
and then believing in you
and then not believing in anything
and then my son being ripped out
of my wife's belly, bloody and screaming
and my heart being torn from my chest
forever leaving nothing there except sadness
mostly and love that can't remain
but burns and then leaves more sadness
and watching the black emptiness
underneath inside me with detached
and utter horror as i am
holding my son's hand
crossing the street
and entering target

Friday, November 19, 2010

the sprinter (watercolor and colored pencil on watercolor paper mounted on wood)

25 years late

She smokes a fat
Cigar standing on
The graves of the
German soldiers

She looks triumphant
The clouds are dreaming
Of Brussels where the
Skies are made of grey

A baby skull sits on
The ground at her feet
A memento mori
A tiny sadness

Thursday, November 18, 2010

that sweet feeling (ink pen on foamboard)

Nothing rhymes with nothing

She's trying to get
Two dicks into her mouth
(the mouth of an indian)
at the same time but

With the sky so full of raven
Her ass is bleeding and
The camera is rolling when
The girl on the couch tells me

She'll be going to university
When she gets out of high school
Her tits are incredible
The room is filled with gold now

I sing this song in German
About a black horse
That flies through the air
Its wings ablaze. a horse

Raised by wolves
And stolen by jackals
Coals burn in its eyes
While the fire crackles
kaiza (intaglio copper plate etching on paper)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


you were vampire and
your vampire ears
heard me driving
to cleveland at 3am bone white

an alien in my bed
these bullets loading
a glock 45 GAP
"it'll stop anything in it's path"

your white arm covered
skin had me climbing a
stack of dead bodies
holding an axe above my fist

a viking hat on my head
tears running down
my beard like blood
holding the gun into my mouth

Monday, October 25, 2010

the hulk (watercolor, pencil and ink pen on watercolor paper)


over the graveyard
the witches gather the night
sweeping the air with
their black brooms

under the barnyard
roof the children sleep
heads full of sticky dreams
intolerance and unicorn moons

in a french alleyway
le tomcat sings a song
at the top of its lungs
the thump and boom

of a car stereo
in the streets somewhere
close by sends thistles
up my spine and you

in the cathedral
with the doctor
his stethoscope
examining your spine

when you taste
candy in your mouth
you say his name slowly
not that one, the other one

Friday, October 15, 2010

self portrait (watercolor and graphite on watercolor paper)

a grace of god

the blue trees of little rock
lean up against the even bluer sky

of arkansas

a small bear befriends a girl
she pleads for her life


the bar is closing but i can't
go home yet. i have to see the
inside of her


it folds its images into my eyes
my face leans against the stream
of lights and i'll allow myself to hang there

a gold feather

floats out of my mouth into the blue air (lips like two sardines)
it is filled with smaller more golden feathers
each feather containing even smaller and goldener feather flakes

even the sun is

envious of how yellow and shiny theses
golden shavings appear in the great darkness
that has descended over everything now

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the runner (watercolor, pencil and gel pen on watercolor paper)


the red hair of the sun
has filled up the inside
of the mouth of your face

yesterday, lying
you said you would
leave the ocean to the sea

except the blue part of your head
was filled up with water from your eyes
born again boiling over

you said a thief had stolen my head
and sliding into doubt
i told you i'd stay

Monday, September 20, 2010

privacy please (watercolor, gel pen, graphite on watercolor paper)

sky feet

and then suddenly
all the birds were back
flying through the water
their hearts covered in gold
pouring out song after song
until everything
was covered
in bird noise

my drink woodenly
in my hands in the black
of the club someone's daughter
tells me about a house she's sold
this night is lasting so long
until everything
is covered
in bird noise

death is heavenly
it's where jesus smokes crack
drying off the bloody led to slaughter
where you are always loved never told
what to do and nothing's wrong
and where everyone
is super hot
and beautiful

Sunday, September 12, 2010

dogboy (watercolor, graphite, ball point pen on watercolor paper)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hamlet (watercolor, graphite and ball point pen on watercolor paper)

strap on the underwater gear

ted gets punched hard in the face
late that night is drenched in black sweat
bleeding he pours through his telephone directory
it's louder than the trajectory of death

her name is there in brilliant marble
armless he calls her number. hawks poked out his
arms they travel through time now in packs
their shawls are made of wax i've heard

you know they were there because you were born
forlorn in the eighties everyone on this dude
ranch was made from denim the often
softest shades of blue

his hope fell through the face of the earth
birthed into the bottom of the world. this
an abundance of bricks
is what gravity predicts

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

facing the pooper (watercolor and graphite on watercolor paper)

disturbing the dust

she rolls back on her head
the cactus cutting her soft hands
the blood pours out into the mouth
of the river, full of fish

at the bottom among
the bones of the dead animals
in between the moss covered
rocks she fills her hot mouth
full of river water

she is sick of everything
he is calling her from glasgow
on his cell phone. his name is
lit up in silver in her pocket

she feels like she is going crazy
she wishes that this could be
the last show of the earth
before forever arrives

tonight beams are blinding her
she feels nothing but knows
he is out there somewhere
the super trouper.

shinin' like the sun
smilin', havin' fun feeling
like a number one

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