Sunday, August 29, 2010

the gardner (watercolor, ball point pen and pencil on watercolor paper)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


in a land near you
i observed swan
using leaf blowers
to clean out the
pools of the rich

in a land near you
i wore the mask
of conviction as it
cut into my face i
cried out for more

in a land near you
i sat sewing the flag
of forgiveness. i
ran out of thread and
resorted to excuses

in a land near you
i hurdled the mountain
of pornography. its
snow capped peaks
wet and alluring

in a land near you
i married the queen
of abstinence. her
bloated face covered
in marmalade and glue

in a land near you
i wore the pants
of uncertainty. they
felt loose and kept
falling to the floor

in a land near you
all the lights of the cities
had gone out leaving
only the glow of vast
forest fires in the distance

in a land near you
i buried all my treasure but
the money i threw at
the faithless as i drove
through streets of desire

in a land near you
the grass was as green
as a guillotine and i sang
your name. sharp as stones
my legs everywhere at once

in a land near you
i wept like a road
my tires skidding off
the edge into the thick
memory of us

cozumel (ballpoint pen, watercolor, color pencil on paper)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

the younger nick
or (above the tree line)

then there were the desperate
troubled teen years in charlotte

h'd buy a small metal bonjolaili
and drive it down the coastal highway

smoke hashish and tape pictures
of gloria swanson to his marlboro's

a man of many words, then
just a wishbone of adjectives and

unnecessary analgesics h'd
dated a hairdresser for about a week

bought a skyranger
made up stories about bear

white bear. yellow bear. you name it
h's california cuddliness falling

away leaving a dark k emboldened on
h's upper arm. a collapse of melanin

then there was the way all light died
anywhere near what was left of k's eyes

h dreamed of k's salivary glands
a wine forest rich in red mucin

they married under a pomegranate sky
her womb would remain barren. they

adopted dwarves and moved north h's auburn
beard turning a deep white, k's pungent freckled skin

becoming ferule. she had an affair
with a co-worker years later. it was a nightmare

radio waves couldn't reach the house
there in the silence. a blanket of nouns

h's red suit. a streak of blood across the sky
above the roofs of children's ginger minds

luc and dad (collaboration with luc schneider 5yrs old) - pencil and watercolor on paper

not over
it is

i may or may not have been here before
but i am sure that this is my last
chance to ever be happy again

you sit on the sink with your long socks
on blowing bubbles into the cabinets
black open graves

i'll take what's behind door number
three thousand and twenty five
for two hundred dollars jack

the lights dim and the air grinds and
leans out of the room as the curtain parts
and everything is fart noise

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


can you see the grey eagle
in the sky above
it's not an eagle
it's some kind of white vulture

it's hard to see as eyes
fall out of love
cutting the onion
of delicate night memory

my eye got stuck to the inside of your head (intaglio copper plate etching on paper)