Sunday, April 11, 2010


Virginia, stay here with me

And let's build a house

Down on top of the lake

Or up in the onion trees

With a rhinoceros pen

And a basketball court

Let's laugh at the neighbors

They're so unoriginal

Stay here with me

And we'll dream up a plan

Made out of rainbow water

We'll form a new band

You'll play the singer

and I'll play the flute

and we'll dress up like KISS

And wear high heeled boots

And make out with strangers

Running naked through

The lobby of a federal express

Terminal in the Berlin airport

Stay here with me

Down here on the ground

Don't please fade Away

Please don't don't make a sound

With those tubes in your mouth

And the sound of the respirator

Are you asleep?

Please wake up...and

Stay here with me

In this hospital room

Don't leave me here

With these strangers

Their mouths full of

Words I can't understand

Stay here with me

You're my very best friend

in the whole wide world

Let's build a house

With a basketball court

and a rhinoceros pen


angie said...

you should sing this, bro

lois said...

yeah, the tears are flowing!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' it.

pppslm said...

i have a feeling it might already be a song he is workin on....

Brad said...

Definitely one of your better ones Bob!!! Thanks for sharing

Melissa said...

I love your ability to write things that might only make sense to you, or a few other people. How you can make it so personal, and somehow, I can feel close to it, as if I were in on your private jokes. Something in the way you put it all together makes it flow so easily. I really look forward to more from you!

gemerman said...

It makes me sad and I can really relate to it.
The only thing I feel like doing after reading this is holding you and hope it makes you feel better.
Thanks for sharing, Bob.