Sunday, May 16, 2010

the powers that be (grease pencil on litho stone)


Tsubomi ☆蕾 said...

Where do you find the inspiration for your artwork ?! (°0°) It's fastidious and dark... is my blog... more to come soon (I'm not a good blogger... I don't post regularly)

AndiWritesAgain said...

You have definitely been blessed and cursed with a very active imagination. I'm amazed by what sets up fort in you readying to attack the outside world.

Are you winning? If unique equates victory -- the odds are on you.

Docu Bear said...

This has always been a favorite of mine, appropriately placed next to "death doesn't like me" poem in
End of the world book. Exploding fibrous body with a gun, sewers and swords and jesus, im sure that I'm wrong. Not sure if he blew his own head off?
All of the standard compliments apply. Great contrast and depth., it's so full of texture. You sick fucker, I love your work.