Friday, July 2, 2010

pixelchrist vs. mario kart

a rainbow in the distance presses
against a blue curtain of satin sky
certain of nothing, Certainly not jesus
or the metal pac man chained to the ground

wearing the mask of the magnetic beast
and blending in with the light beams
i hurry my moped past daisies and barbed
wire phosphorescent cubes of magic twirling in the road

they've thrown the egg man into the well
still i maneuver though this mushroom landscape
once upon a time I had been man, like them
now with the day vanishing all around me

i had become electric rage
a two dimensional light horse
dreamy with love and revenge
and skinny as the night

'meanwhile she had had two kids but one of them died
because it was born with a heart that had holes in it'
this story was heard told to him on the big boat
in the middle of paradise beside the ocean


tmayrello said...

sky press
ground Jesus
beams beast
road barbed
landscape well
me them
horse rage
night revenge
it died
ocean boat

just watched all three Lord of the Rings ...precious

Queni said...

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