Sunday, July 25, 2010

the Buffalo

black and pink pigs sit at tables
Talking about nothing or
Simply lost in a waking sleep
The young sucklings taking it all

I shovel shit colored mudd into
My mouth using whatever's closer
A fork or spoon. Shrimps. Severed
Chicken legs. Where are the feet
I can't stop crying.

I'm absolutely Dead inside
and full of thoughts
Of you with your blue eyelids
And wide mouth. Your skinny shoulders
And big hands.

The wind of you
Has filled the sky with feathers
Making it hard to breathe or sleep
I've won all the money but i'm still
alone in my heart

alarms sound victory
Throughout the casino
God puts a cigarette in my mouth
Death cannot touch me
The whores call out

my name From the shallows
They'll suck my wet cock
For nothing tonight Even though
nothing is ever free
Here in buffalo

And there you are always
the time it takes to shoot a gun
When I open my eyes for a moment
At 4 in the morning with the blankets
Binding me to the broken bed

The burning feeling of dread
in another boat
Your lips and skin covered with
Pimples and moles black
Like the moon

your back With it's bandage
and blemished surfaces
The sweat under your mouth
I've tasted the sky there
And my plane has no place to land

I'm crashing into the moon
A black breathing
The black breathing of Air
The black smoke of your mouth
and black kisses

the man who stole the sun (watercolor and graphite on paper)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pillowcase perfume

I spike out over the side
Hitting toledo like an electric octopus
my titts hanging off me like monsters
today is as hard as my dick was last night

In the comforter
Pulled up to my chin
For a moment at peace
Rolling through The middle of America
Those twenty two year old tempters

I'm on the Wayne Neil express
All white lined highway and tall tales
wishing I could be a mile above the earth
Next to you covered in flames
Dreamy eyed on the outside
Falling forever on the inside

luc a dad (collaboration with luc schneider (age 5) watercolor, pencil on paper)

Friday, July 2, 2010

pixelchrist vs. mario kart

a rainbow in the distance presses
against a blue curtain of satin sky
certain of nothing, Certainly not jesus
or the metal pac man chained to the ground

wearing the mask of the magnetic beast
and blending in with the light beams
i hurry my moped past daisies and barbed
wire phosphorescent cubes of magic twirling in the road

they've thrown the egg man into the well
still i maneuver though this mushroom landscape
once upon a time I had been man, like them
now with the day vanishing all around me

i had become electric rage
a two dimensional light horse
dreamy with love and revenge
and skinny as the night

'meanwhile she had had two kids but one of them died
because it was born with a heart that had holes in it'
this story was heard told to him on the big boat
in the middle of paradise beside the ocean

the volleyball player (watercolor and graphite on paper)