Wednesday, March 16, 2011

when you speak i feel hurty

where were we?

making sandwiches

the white rain falling on the


while the cabby said to the lazy lady

"where's me money?"

the lazy lady replying.

"my boyfriend wants no babies,

oh where am i to go now?"

but where were we?

cutting apart the pirate

the white rain falling on the


a forest ranger holding a black baby

"it's not how it appears"

the black overweight hotel receptionist screaming

"here are your room keys,

they will not work when you get to your room"

but where were we?

the plane falling from the sky

the white rain falling on the


her soft and barren loins filling the

captain's room

"i'd like a diet coke please?"

the undulating eyes of the broken airline steward

"i wanted to travel and see the world

and have sex with strange men..."

but where were we?

…in uniform enjoying expensive drinks

the white rain falling on the


…late at night in the exotic hotel bars

leaving behind the starched confines

"of my youth in the neck of tennessee?"

not my thin body and perfect hair

"breathing in the blue air of strangers and

always using the food to stop the bleeding"


Kristy said...

I know,
my feelers are hurty too.
So far, only music, love, and freedom seems to stop the bleeding.

soozie said...

i get this .. not sure i know why & like that i do ,,,
but to feel sharply is that two-way street into the something more ,,,,