Wednesday, July 13, 2011

where i live now

the end came
(not unexpectedly)
we'd seen it coming for years
the dark circles under her eyes
her insistence on drinking only
wine coolers

the pig veins
folding out of her eyes
babies falling down the well
of her head
bruising the gasoline into her

i lived in the fanciest
part of town then
glass airplanes would fly so low
you could see everything
the endless 

glass apes 
would feed on her brokenness
their crystal skin
revealing monkey bones
covered in candles
like diamond stores

your plans of leaving 
without me never materialized
these lost things
idle threats
i was trapped in the car
with everyone

the drive 
to restoration hardware
seemed endless
we made so much money 
that year
we all bought slaves

why in gods name 
is this still 
to me
please. for god's sake
make it stop


cesha24 said...

Nobody gets out alive. Nobody left behind unscathed.

mary said...

Just went through it again meself. Ugh. I hope your heart heals. What I tell myself is, it's only supposed to work out once. Which means, 99% of the time, it won't. That's kinda comforting, right?

nicole said...

ahhhhh bobbbbbbbb.

Norma said...

Are you really in places so dark
so often that you forget
who you are, and spilling pain
onto a page is the only way out?

Anonymous said...

i couldn't say why, but this one connects with me. thanks. feels good.

WaterGirlFlorida said...

this... made me cry