Wednesday, August 24, 2011

el hombre del sombrero

a man wearing a hat walks by
drowning inside himself
the sea filled with monsters

a man walks by carrying the sun as it explodes
everything in the universe
once fit inside god's hat

a man walks by a bird encircling a tree
michael jackson sequined
fingering the brim of his black hat

a man walks by the end of the earth
he calls later and tells me he
saw this poem wearing his hat


Zen-Chakra said...

Great! poem!

Lori said...

What did the poem in the hat say???

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw that poem it was wearing my t-shirt. It was red. On the front it said, "Rogue Cow", and on the back it said, "Hubris". Got it off a marine at Dallas/Ft Worth airport. He said it didn't really fit him anymore. Then I lost it in a poker game. The details are hazy. If you see that poem, tell it I said hello.

Gina said...

loves this