Wednesday, December 14, 2011

winter has only begun

and already i look

forward to the spring

the beat is so heavy

my bones are breaking

it is heavier than heaven

still i refuse to dance

the band is onstage playing

but i am in my bed

waiting for death to find me

alone and unharmed

our love is so new

yet i stand underneath

the onion trees singing

sad songs about the sea

your kisses swim along

the shore of my mouth

and already I'm looking off

into the deep blue

the back of my face

is filled with words

each sentence a two by four

i'm building a fortress (not a home)

i have been doing the math

and i have a terrible feeling

nothing is adding up as

nicely as i'd hoped it would

winter has only begun

and already i look

forward to the spring


Singing Waters said...

Beautiful. Sad. And lonely.

Lisa said...

How did you know I feel like that?

mary said...

Good lord, man! How does everything you write make me want to give you a hug or something. Sheesh. And you're right, winter can certainly suck. hugs.

theflowersays said...

when im feeling down and alone I come to stinkingHAND...somehow your poetry romanticizes my inner agony..hmm..maybe its because your a rock star LOL :-) always leave the 'HAND with a smile ! thanks.

melodyb said...

Well, in a strange way, this makes me feel a little better to know that I'm not the only one who feels like this. I could never express it so beautifully, but, oh god, it's right there. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I wish you did not feel this way ever. My kids and I were talking about winter today. I told them that the older I get, (and I'm getting kind of old over here while no one is looking)the faster time goes, and the faster time goes, the less I dread winter because I know it will fly by. I hop on the nearest sled and let it fly. If I keep writing tripe like this, I'm going to have to start wearing pearls and a red hat. Maybe in the spring. For right now here's hoping the cold temperatures preserve me a little longer. Anyway. I wish you well this season. Happy holidays Bob Schneider.

KathyJax said...

So far, it's been a very Springy Winter.....reminds me of the "Tigger Song"...their faces are made out of rubber, and their tails are made out of Springs...