Sunday, February 26, 2012

on a rainy day

somewhere in the future
you'll be doing your drugs
in the parking lot
and you'll hear a voice say
she baked the brownies
with applesauce
she saw the deed
her poms poms piled up on the floor

i take two pills for the pain
one to make the world go way
and one for the moon because
all my friends are dying


rebecca said...

Not to sound too cliche- but ... Wow.

theflowersays said...

a big ASSUMPTION ?? soo she does NOT do drugs in the parking lot...realizing the cheerleader is LOUD & there are piles of pom poms & bags of food to hand out. And the cheerleader will never know the pain or the dirt chewed by the player...The pill box will always be there(open or closed)...CHOICES together...CHOICES alone ?

i am probably way off - huh ?! u made me think though!!! :-)