Monday, May 28, 2012

the reason for gravestones

after a hard long day
death is there waiting

but it's not until you see death
in the driveway that it really hits you

then you just want to be remembered
you want to leave something behind

that will show the people you love
there was someone with your name

that mattered somehow


Gina said...


Gina said...


theflowersays said...

wouldn't the people that love you speak/write your name sharing who and what you were...why does that get lost so easily ??..time for coffee...guess a name in stone is necessary ?! hope your sleepin in.. :-)

Lara said...

I kind of love that you bother to put these out in public. It tells me there are a thousand more cuts on that diamond than the ones we ever see. And no writing class ever gave anyone the skill to write a poem like this.

Ruler of the Universe (Fallon) said...

Thus...we have our children... a bit of our soul moving forward in a new home

Chicken said...

Hiya Bob. This one reminds me of you:

Chicken said...

Hiya Bob. This one reminds me of you:

Norma said...

...and children.

Lori said...

all we ever want is know that we matter to someone or several someones. to know that we are loved and most importantly to leave some kind of legacy behind that was positive for the people WE love. Love and happiness are all that matter in this life and if you can be fortunate to have both then you've lived a beautiful life.