Friday, August 31, 2012

watching the fences being disassembled

i need that robot!


because he is my only friend


i can't explain it to you
it won't make sense


you wouldn't understand
the feelings that i have


because they don't make any sense


because i was born underwater
and now i have come ashore


it was too cold there in the darkness
and i wanted to be where it's warm


so it would dry the brackish filth
now deer have joined my company


perhaps they recognize a kindred spirit


i don't know why
it's hard to communicate with these deer
just when you think you've earned their trust
they run off into the deeper part of the wood


maybe they smell something
i really can't be trusted
for too long


Anonymous said...

It’s hard for me to identify with much of what you write. I find it hostile and scary, but I really like this one.

The childlike “why” that grows up in the middle of the poem to the primordial “why”. The voice is adult, but the source of the sentiment is as youthful as the first thought. The voice of “the child,” exasperated with “those deer” who just won’t be communicated with, made me smile. And the voice of the poet who knows why made me nod in acknowledgement.


Norma, who used the wrong email address to post. Rats!

Christina said...

No human is to be trusted...EVER.

Lori said...

I like the "why" very childlike and innocent.

Jeaneane said...

This one is beautiful, relatable, sad and moving. Thank you for that.

theflowersays said...

well all i can think of is...does pavlov theory involve trust ?! hmm maybe human trust comes from the past experience, verbalizing the root of what to trust, and hmmm the smell/gut...??!..