Thursday, December 5, 2013

Star smoke

You'll bow down before
God shivering and afraid
And full of shame
And darkness filling
Your heart handcuffed 
To a clown midget
And it will be easy

Ten hours will come and
Go and you'll be unaware
Of it's passing
A thin towel wrapped
Around your legs
Birds living in your beard
Remembering all the
Words of every song
You've ever heard
And it will be easy

You'll smile
And it will be the only
Time you've ever smiled
And your face will
Fall to the floor
With a clang
Waking the stranger
Sleeping beside you
In the car

You'll have a meeting
In a coffee shop in Seattle
Concerning a musical event
That will never take place
The woman you're talking to
Occasionally writing
Down notes with an
Orange crayola marker
All hope lost

You'll grow much older
And die one afternoon
In a hospital bed
In Houston
And your son
With his heart breaking
Will allow the nurse
To discontinue
The life support

And the world
Will spin through
Space forever
With the rest of the universe
And clouds made of
Billions of galaxies
Will gather together
On the edge of infinity

And it will be easy


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Anonymous said...

You know how sometimes you want to say something; something encouraging or snarky or irreverent even; something that lets the other person know that you are paying attention and that, regardless of anything else, you are on their side, but you don't know quite what to say to get that impression across? The only thing I'm coming up with is at least you had that clown midget for a little while. Don't take that the wrong way.

WaterGirlFlorida said...

"A feeling... if you know what I mean."

Christina said...
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Jean Louis Finch said...

I have seen you so many times, and have spoken to you several. Each time I get so nervous I end up saying stupid crap and kicking myself afterwards. I stopped trying to talk to you years ago, but when I read these things, I think to myself, " He thinks like I do! Maybe I am not so odd!" I wish you the best.