Thursday, January 23, 2014

Easy On The Eyes (wood, paper, glue, acrylic paint and inkjet ink)


Emily Klein said...

I love this. Grotesque teeth balance the eyes.

George Ewing said...

Easy on the eyes,
exorcise for the brain.
Won't you click through some of these as I find they may be relevant to your interests.

Norma said...

So that's where you be,
riding rabbits and
being free

Norma said...

A 12-hour show? Feeling a little manic?

If I could be there, I'd help you out by singing "The World Exploded into Love". I love that song.

Remember: Audience participation is your friend.


PS--I also love your rendition of "Running on Empty." Jackson should be proud.

Jendo said...

I agree w Norma re running on empty. hats off - exemplary version of song.
looking forward to more art!

Norma said...

Coincidences: Of all the things you could have talked about on the smooth side of your 12-hour Thriller, All Killer, No Filler Masterpiece, you talked about ghosts. (You’re awesome for putting the show on live online, by the way.)

On the way back to Taipei from Yilan, my friends and I talked about Taiwanese and Korean ghosts and which were scarier, so I took a poll. What’s the scariest ghost in Korean ghost lore? (I didn’t say “lore” cuz then I would have had to explain what it meant.)

My Korean friend said it was a female ghost with long stringy hair that is the embodiment of a spinster and is royally pissed off about it. Probably looks like Ms. Havisham from Great Expectations.

Why is she wandering around in this world and not the next? To get with the cutest guys.

I almost busted a side laughing.

Speaking as a middle-aged woman who has never married, I’m looking forward to the afterlife.

PS--They’re ghost kitties.


Norma said...

Listening online to your 12-hour Thriller All Killer No Filler Masterpiece was better than being there because I could sing along without getting stood in a corner.

Just in case someone who knows me reads this, I wasn’t really listening to your porno rap crap.

Thanks for keeping me company on a Sunday morning when everybody else was at church.