Sunday, March 7, 2010

i've married worse

and though the road looked closed

they forged ahead norselike

the banker, businessman and hairdresser

without clothes or hope of survival

they tied chairs to their open sores

and continued into the mist

while no one in the room made

even so much as an odd gesture

suddenly the ocean filled with gold

and beer bladders and a dull blue glow

filled up the sky from below

the channel would remain

unchanged for years to come, then

well endowed firefighters were seen

crowding the open freeway yelling

'i'm so clean now' into their tupperware

microphones. the dull baritone of

voices dreaming out into the forest

wind. and

the gringos with their loop earings

and fancy table manners smashing

the green glass of forgetfullness

remembering only the passing of time

and even then only vaguely until

suddenly they were old and useless

and without hair or hope

i heard you call his name in a british

accent. i heard how you'd fallen

in love unknowingly unwisely

until one day everything

finally came to a crashing

heart wrenching ending

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