Saturday, March 13, 2010

the opening band

Ra ra riot

Took over the dressing room

Before we got there

All of my age came over me

A mountain of lost battles

A thousand defeats

The cool kids in school

I was never one and even

After when I had a chance to change

That. To hollow the rules

Wear the clothes and cut my hair

And play the part I refused

I picked the side no one was on

And here I was so afraid of

Not getting picked again. Had

Them kicked out and listened

To their myspace page

Condemning their music

Which wasn't bad

The cello player was so beautiful

And I am so old

And no one will come to see

Me except for people I despise

And now

I'm in the van under a building

Inside the ocean


Having brushed its teeth. My heart, its

red lips covered with colgate

Licks the blood off the floor

Of its cage


Anonymous said...
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Angie said...

I've returned to that last image like six times in the last 24 hours

OliviaBourque said...

How does one go about obtaining an original piece of your artwork?

wendy-o said...

Wow...thanks for sharing your lovely poems. Deep in thought after this one. Mine feels at the bottom of the ocean right now too.

LilyWhite said...

Makes me want to hold you and whisper reassurances.

Casey said...

glad to hear you hate the people at your shows too ... i've seen the caged ness of late. reminds me of this gorilla i saw once at barcelona zoo. cage too small. all glass. people banging, yelling. sad. and beautiful. and interesting. and true.

Rishell Graves said...

This poem is so powerful.
you are wonderful Bob, and so deep in my heart.

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