Sunday, August 15, 2010

the younger nick
or (above the tree line)

then there were the desperate
troubled teen years in charlotte

h'd buy a small metal bonjolaili
and drive it down the coastal highway

smoke hashish and tape pictures
of gloria swanson to his marlboro's

a man of many words, then
just a wishbone of adjectives and

unnecessary analgesics h'd
dated a hairdresser for about a week

bought a skyranger
made up stories about bear

white bear. yellow bear. you name it
h's california cuddliness falling

away leaving a dark k emboldened on
h's upper arm. a collapse of melanin

then there was the way all light died
anywhere near what was left of k's eyes

h dreamed of k's salivary glands
a wine forest rich in red mucin

they married under a pomegranate sky
her womb would remain barren. they

adopted dwarves and moved north h's auburn
beard turning a deep white, k's pungent freckled skin

becoming ferule. she had an affair
with a co-worker years later. it was a nightmare

radio waves couldn't reach the house
there in the silence. a blanket of nouns

h's red suit. a streak of blood across the sky
above the roofs of children's ginger minds

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