Sunday, August 22, 2010


in a land near you
i observed swan
using leaf blowers
to clean out the
pools of the rich

in a land near you
i wore the mask
of conviction as it
cut into my face i
cried out for more

in a land near you
i sat sewing the flag
of forgiveness. i
ran out of thread and
resorted to excuses

in a land near you
i hurdled the mountain
of pornography. its
snow capped peaks
wet and alluring

in a land near you
i married the queen
of abstinence. her
bloated face covered
in marmalade and glue

in a land near you
i wore the pants
of uncertainty. they
felt loose and kept
falling to the floor

in a land near you
all the lights of the cities
had gone out leaving
only the glow of vast
forest fires in the distance

in a land near you
i buried all my treasure but
the money i threw at
the faithless as i drove
through streets of desire

in a land near you
the grass was as green
as a guillotine and i sang
your name. sharp as stones
my legs everywhere at once

in a land near you
i wept like a road
my tires skidding off
the edge into the thick
memory of us


Ginger said...


VANessa VANce said...

gorgeous poem. the pain of lost love ..... :( imagery was so rich and compelling.

fakename said...

I already left my comment goddammit!

fakename said...

hope you got it!

fakename said...

Lord knows I did!

tmayrello said...

in a land near you
I ink a brilliant collaboration
mixing and modifying
drawing down the ink
onto the copper
colors in shades of blue and green
calm, tranquil


melodyb said...

So beautiful; so sad

K Hook said...

Wow is all I can think of. And amazing words.

Anonymous said...


Page said...

Is this about one girl or many?