Monday, September 20, 2010

sky feet

and then suddenly
all the birds were back
flying through the water
their hearts covered in gold
pouring out song after song
until everything
was covered
in bird noise

my drink woodenly
in my hands in the black
of the club someone's daughter
tells me about a house she's sold
this night is lasting so long
until everything
is covered
in bird noise

death is heavenly
it's where jesus smokes crack
drying off the bloody led to slaughter
where you are always loved never told
what to do and nothing's wrong
and where everyone
is super hot
and beautiful


Linda Lou said...

bob why is your poetry so dark and your songs so beautiful. What torments that soul of yours?

Norma said...

Bob (may I call you Bob?), I felt an overwhelming desire to share the wisdom I've acquired about being middle-aged (re: previous poem) because I'm actually supposed to be doing something else. It's amazing how inspired to write I am when I'm supposed to be doing something else. That's why I'm doing something else. Anyway:

I reconcile myself to being at mid-life by telling myself "at least you're not old."

When I'm old, I expect to reconcile myself to the fact that I'm old by saying "at least you're not dead."

When I'm dead, I'll either be in oblivion, in which case no one will give a shit, not even me, or I'll be in bliss, in which case no one will give a shit, not even me.

That's me at mid-life...

Actually, it's not true. I just thought it sounded provocative.

PS-I love the Chinese calligraphy.

melodyb said...

I like when you write about birds. One of the most beautiful lines I've ever heard is from Changing Your Mind. "It reminds me of the feeling where I first looked into your eyes and saw the most beautiful birds fly strait
into the sun with their wings on fire and the deed was done.". I swear that I could cry just writing that out - it's so painfully beautiful. This is like that. Thank you.

Page said...

I like the title.

Crack Baby- Recovered said...

from one sinner to another.....laugh and be happy...hehehehehehee