Sunday, September 12, 2010

dogboy (watercolor, graphite, ball point pen on watercolor paper)


eatfyi said...

Ahh.. but to choose a large knife or small? Dull or sharp? Do you let the shavings accumulate around your feet to show the whole world or sweep them away in shame? Will your spear be used in battle or to plant seeds..

Nate n' Dana said...

Bob - can u slip in a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
in PORTLAND tonight for ALISON?

She's 50, loves you and still (obviously) my slutty sistah

Nate in L.A.

Crack Baby- Recovered said...

I wish I was an animal with four legs and/or wings. I am convinced my brother came back as a cat, just like he said he would. He was born with a bob tail and boots.