Monday, October 25, 2010


over the graveyard
the witches gather the night
sweeping the air with
their black brooms

under the barnyard
roof the children sleep
heads full of sticky dreams
intolerance and unicorn moons

in a french alleyway
le tomcat sings a song
at the top of its lungs
the thump and boom

of a car stereo
in the streets somewhere
close by sends thistles
up my spine and you

in the cathedral
with the doctor
his stethoscope
examining your spine

when you taste
candy in your mouth
you say his name slowly
not that one, the other one


Anonymous said...

Wow. Good Stuff.

Crack Baby- Recovered said...

Rainbow Brite and her fucking unicorn. I knew at the age of five them two had a little somethin somethin. I could see past that glitter tear.

melodyb said...

I love the vivid imagery and it's just the right level of eeriness.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to share a poem my little girl wrote that ws inspired by the lyrics in "change Your mind"

Stairway to Heaven
The ever winding stairwell, calling from sky, teaches me not to cling to things passing by. People and places, all that I have known, seem like they too will be over thrown.
Someday I will know what happens when we die, but not anyone on Earth knows, not even I.
My faith is outnumbered, my loyalty too, as are all the people I have loved, even you. I know that together we can climb the stairway to Heaven, but not as man.