Friday, October 15, 2010

a grace of god

the blue trees of little rock
lean up against the even bluer sky

of arkansas

a small bear befriends a girl
she pleads for her life


the bar is closing but i can't
go home yet. i have to see the
inside of her


it folds its images into my eyes
my face leans against the stream
of lights and i'll allow myself to hang there

a gold feather

floats out of my mouth into the blue air (lips like two sardines)
it is filled with smaller more golden feathers
each feather containing even smaller and goldener feather flakes

even the sun is

envious of how yellow and shiny theses
golden shavings appear in the great darkness
that has descended over everything now


Val said...


This Is the best i've read from you; including your book, and all you've sent me.

This truly is a great poem.

If i were you, I would submit this to the New Yorker.
I've done it before; been selected but not published,
I think this one they'll publish.

I feel kinda proud to know you right now,
that's kinda weird to say i guess...


Laura said...

lovely poem. the imagery is so vivid and makes me feel dreamy. I love feeling dreamy, so I'll read it again.

Crack Baby- Recovered said...

Getting to see what you don't deserve.....x

marjorie said...

I particularly like this one because of the imagery. I keep coming back to this poem. Eureka Springs, Arkansas is one of my fav haunts. There is a great bohemian attitude, beauty, art and, outside of town, the mythic golden eagles. Nothing like sitting on a cliff of the Kings River watching their flight. Wonder if you'd been privy? Poem reminds me of the mix of society, beauty and danger there. Love being privy to your poetry and art and of course your great musi.