Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lazy beam

all the lights went out
you couldn't see anything
inside your house
i became milk

you poured me into
the ruin of your bed
taking my head off your neck
gluing diamonds everywhere

you left me by the shore
with my pants on and
your high heeled shoes
and parliaments

i can't seem to find
anything to worry about
you said as you drove
away in your beautiful car


theflowersays said...

hoping the parking lot was not far and the breeze hits the sweat on your face to cool you off. walking to the shore in flip flops to meet you with your pants on...xoxo...still not worrying about a thing.

jenimac said...

It sucks when you pour yurself into someone else...only to find that it's all on you really...cuz you're the one that's actually doin the pourin'~~not the otha...

sunny said...

Seems like you are left standing alone alot lately. You deserve someone who will stand with you. It will come, hang in there.

dadinicola said...


austinmusicfan321 said...

the lights were off in my head when you needed that napkin the most. so sorry for not knowing the point. i'll come bearing tissue to every show from now on.

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