Saturday, April 23, 2011

the filling station

a finger folds out into a finger

feng shui-ing out into outer hand

this finger is filled with jesus power

and resurects an empty from the

trash bin at 45th and 8th ave

all of heaven rejoices as the lord

skinny dipping in a cauldron of light

prepares for the feast of ascension

diane keaton is eating a cantalope

riding the orange giraffe of cancer

it'll all be healthy foods from here on in

elvis was a hero to most but not

to chuck d. chuck told him and john wayne

to go fuck themselves. terminator x

and flava flav acting as witnesses

the blustery boobs of jackie bissett falling

and then failing badly in a midlife turn of events

the cat man of KISS battling breast cancer

god fires his love cannon at your boobs

it's loaded with love balls. they will kill you

he is shooting you now. it takes a while

for them to arrive from heaven


Anonymous said...

Wtf ! Hilarious !

K Hook said...

I like this...

dadinicola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dadinicola said...

I have survived and so has Peter Criss, this is not cool. WTF? I hope the love bombs don't hit you. You are clearly selling out. I am let down, if you care.

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