Monday, June 20, 2011

falling towards the farthest star

something happened
while the birds were away
some dreamers woke up
and said

come with us
and we'll show you
how the sun


large squares
appeared in the sky
allowing angels
to fall into the 
oncoming traffic


running the blade
across the floor 
of the tall building with
the lights turned off (or shot out)

i wore the glenn campbell mask 
and there alone on the earth
began to look into the black
face of the universe


melodyb said...

Sometimes, looking into the sun is like looking into the blackface of the universe. Beautiful poem. Thanks.

AndiWritesAgain said...

This poem hurt. Campbell's been dx w/Alzheimer's.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't tell you why, but this is one of my favorites. makes me feel.

Magpie said...

oh, i just read glen campbell's wikepedia, what a guy. . . makes you wonder if this life, all the ups and downs is really worth it all?