Sunday, June 12, 2011

i have many penis

and the worst news is

they will enter your mouth
like a carnival in tennessee
at night while you are sleeping
you wake up and your kids are gone
they've drowned in the swimming pool
no, they're just out playing in the street
naked and unwatchable

and the good news is

they will show up in your ass
like a lunar eclipse after the rain
everyone in the neighborhood watching
so many fingers in the frosting
a wet flag on an electric fence
setting up an urban neighborhood
later the gentrification process so complete
a midnight stroll isn't out of the question
a store that sells eco-friendly lightbulbs

and the best news of all is

they will knock on the door 
of your pussy full of promise
a new president wearing the world
the legs of an eastern ballerina
covered in question marks demanding answers
a crown of soft wet diamonds proclaiming
there are no niggers in denmark
the adult daughter climbing a red 
mountain of desire, determined, 
dusty and finally awake


Norma said...

Penis--n, pl penes or penises: male organ of copulation.

Is the joke on us or you? I honest to god can't tell.

I should never have time to kill in between applying the carpet cleaner and vacuuming.

Awesome concert in the park the other day, by the way. That's always clear, sincere, and good.

Anonymous said...

i feel like my mind wanders, but can not possibly visit the places yours does. you fascinate me.

Anonymous said...

And the worstest news is that while I was reading this poem, my garlic burned. Dammit, Bob. By the time I cook this dinner and get to Phoenix there will be no more cowboys. Maybe some lion kings, dummies and politicians but no one I really can chase a rogue cow with.