Monday, October 15, 2012


superman lives in a dark cave
superman eats vegetables and other things
superman likes dogs
he has a superdog

superman goes to bed at midnight
superman's favorite tv show is superman
superman's favorite song is the superman theme song
john motherfucking williams wrote it, you bitches!

superman's eyes are bright and blue
superman's breath smells like vegetables
superman's hands are soft as milk and hard as goodbyes
whenever he punches someone it goes right through them

superman watches tv while he eats vegetables and chews on his shoes
superman dreams he can do anything in the world (because he can)
superman has a dream where he comes over to your house and says,
'i want to get my things' and you say "but none of this is yours anymore!"


soozie said...

strangely, inspiring in an upside-down unexpected way. yeahhh….

Christina said...

Sounds like a shitty dream...

WaterGirlFlorida said...

it sounds like superman needs a big hug.

Norma said...

superman's favorite tv show is superman

Norma said...

Norma really likes the superman poem.

She's come back to read it three times.

She likes that superman's favorite TV show is superman.

Sometimes, she thinks she's superman.