Friday, February 22, 2013

The Atomic Lobster Barn Art Show Preview

i can see forever forever (collage, acrylic and wood)

I guess I agree that maybe God shouldn't destroy everyone and everything before too long (paper and wood)

JFK (string, acrylic resin, paper, wood, silver letter cubes and silicon)

I have become milk that you've poured into the ruin of your bed (paper, letter blocks and acrylic on wood)

I have been walking into churches (paper, oil, acrylic and letter blocks on wood)

I live on a planet in outer space (paper, acrylic, and costume jewels on wood)

I scratched the surface of your face (paper, acrylic and letter blocks on wood)

I've become uneasy about the situation (paper, asphalt glue and beeswax on wood)

I was joking about everything (asphalt, acrylic and glue on wood)

It's not as easy to see the truth in everything all the time (string, acrylic, paper and glue on wood)

If we cannot share a future together than why are we here (firewood, mannequin, wreath pencils, cup hooks gesso, sand, roofing tar on wood)

Lincoln after his presidency (paper, acrylic on wood)

Rebecca becomes aware of the immensity of the universe (string, paper, acrylic on wood)

Untitled Lincoln (paper mache, wire, paper, glue, acrylic on wood base)
Here's a sampling of some of the works on display this weekend at the Atomic Lobster Barn Gallery Art show. 


isbelle said...

Love it all. That mannequin one is to.die.for! Great work! I love having your art displayed in our house. It's definitely the best part about it. Wish you would have been able to come over. Next time. ~Is

Docu Bear said...

very unique Bob, great work. Keep up.

elvgrengrl said...

Is it not enough that you're a talented musician, funny and hot? Noooo ... you have to bust out kickass art too. Seriously? One day I want to buy one of your pieces. Of art that is.