Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the metaphorical sweats

i was invited by the m_______
to their party at the riveria pool mansion
they lived inside for most of the year

the dolphins there, were incredible
and would swim up into the house
late at night while the guards slept

we never worried about the
war ending or all the people that were
dying all around us either

sometimes we would eat fresh bananas
and oranges from brazil or other far off countries
in the middle of winter

we froze a lot of stuff at first
but later once we realized that all the fresh stuff
would never stop we just threw it away

i bought a table made out of weed
one time. we smoked it for most of the summer
me and three friends of mine who are all dead now

we had a party at becky's one thursday
she was so pretty bacthen
the birds would land on her arms. 

kissing the rows of scars on her
legs. the needles leaving long red streaks 
on her skin


theflowersays said...

Maid...amazing how beauty is ingested by the beautiful and the ugly...makes me want to see the dolphins and hand feed the blue jays.

Christina said...

I had a table made of weed too!! Real PRIMO stuff!! Except i smoked it all up by myself. Lasted me barely a month or so.
I'm sorry that your 3 friends died, but I'm super happy that you are still alive. :)

WaterGirlFlorida said...

life in the bubble.

mac said...

Bobbo paints a picture like no other . Breaking Bobbo! I'd watch.

G. Martin Taylor said...

I can't decide whether or not this speaks to me alone or to the me in us all