Friday, November 19, 2010

the sprinter (watercolor and colored pencil on watercolor paper mounted on wood)


Christine said...

That picture rocks! It's awesome!

monica colbi said...

wow, you really get complex with your mediums. really nice recent work.

Sandra I. Arguello said...

Are you a runner...? I see your Runner and Sprinter paintings and wondered... great work.

bobostonepony said...

Is this for sale?

Kim said...

You have captured what I'm talking about with the internally rotated shoulder! hypertonic pectoralis, hypertense infra-spinatus, generally weak mid back muscles...but beautiful anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Love, Poetry then Sex
There was a time
When porn didn’t exist
Only love, poetry then sex
There was a time
When sex could not be bought with money
Because it was sacred
It was communion between
A man and a woman
Who wanted to meld
Into one being, one essence, one stream of consciousness
Because sex was a time to give and receive pleasure
While exploring the body, the temple of God
For the 14,000 spots that lead to orgasm
The melting climax point of body, mind and spirit
There was a time
When there were no STD’s
And it was always safe to kiss
There was a time
When a man would admit proudly
That oral sex was sex
That it was part of the ritual
When the god pleased the goddess
And he didn’t have to deny it
Because of guilt and shame
There was a time
When no one was trafficked as slave
Because sex was not a taboo
Because sex was not considered dirty
There was a time
When women were considered
When they were treated with much
Love and reverence
Because they nurtured, healed
And soothed your pain
Because they fed you with epiphany, poetry, revelry
There was a time
When women didn’t dance the striptease
For dirty greasy one-dollar bills
There was a time
When sex was done one on one
Because it was meant to wrap love
In a package of trust, mutual respect,
Faithfulness and tender loving care…
Because sex always meant making love
To your one true mate…
Written by Fiona Lavender