Wednesday, November 3, 2010


you were vampire and
your vampire ears
heard me driving
to cleveland at 3am bone white

an alien in my bed
these bullets loading
a glock 45 GAP
"it'll stop anything in it's path"

your white arm covered
skin had me climbing a
stack of dead bodies
holding an axe above my fist

a viking hat on my head
tears running down
my beard like blood
holding the gun into my mouth


Kyle T. Dauberman said...

i like this alot, and i love your music, you have such amazing lyrics all the time that really speak to me and the expierences I have had. Keep up the amazing work.

Natasha said...

When I see all the different stuff you throw out on your blog and with your music, it makes me feel like I should be a lot braver with my own creative out-put. I admire you so much!

Clara Scott said...

Shakespeare's Sonnets, #129

Clara Scott said...

Or, is it about lost love? :)

Brandy said...

she's not worth it.

Kacey said...

curious? how do you feel when folks say they love what you write and you don't really know how they interpret what you wrote? so do you want to know my view or is it irritating? I'm guilty of expressing great graditude to you without expression

sooo.....being hurt, betrayed, believing in a love that is not returned...not knowing when to give a wounded duck right now TOO!!!

AndiWritesAgain said...

Clara! #129. I see that in this.
Had, having, and in quest to have, extreme.

I love Shakespeare. He so grasped the euphoric highs and psychotic lows of love.

K, Bob, a little euphoric high (merely a request, however :).

Crack Baby- Recovered said...

Living with survivor's guilt would just be fucking mad. Bat shit in fact.