Friday, May 20, 2011

the fairy tale

back when i was young
i would go into the forest
with the shiny silver ax
my father had given me

and cut down the great oaks
the peach and hackberry trees
golden sequoias and douglas fir
if i was out west. leaving only 
the broken bones of the
woods in my wake

at night i would hear the cicada 
blindly calling out in its lilting 
soprano or surprise an imperial 
moth or a black elm leaf beetle

sometimes i would see the 
most beautiful birds in the world
flying through the dark yellow clouds
darters and goatsuckers or even
the occasional flamingo

once i came across a 
small animal hiding in 
the dirt crying for it's
dead mother. i hurried past 
it off into the dark 

in the dark late at night
the setting moon's teeth
would reflect off the
brilliant green jewels
of my vestments


soozie said...

reading your is a little like a patron drunk without underwear while riding a buffalo up boulder canyon under a full moon . yes. it is . xo

Burton said...

Makes me wanna go camping. yes. it does.

theflowersays said...

makes me wanna escape to witch mountain :-) beam me up ! yes, camping works.

tamibounds said...

Once upon a time, you were just in touch with my heart. Now you're in touch with Mother Nature too! You are the most superb two-timer!

melodyb said...

I love the poems that I can live in. This is one.

Lori said...

tell me those words in a love song... under a tree in the forest, sitting on a blanket and drinking boones farm from a bottle cause that is all we could find in the lonely old grocery store on the side of the road...

AndiWritesAgain said...

and there was that wolf
that borrowed the moon's teeth
and that little girl
in red, you know,
the one with basket
on her way to see someone...

I know this story.